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A Shirt for Every One!

26 Jul

Ooops… it’s been faaar too long since I updated this blog. I’ve got soo many things to tell it’s going to take a couple of posts… So I guess that’s a good thing then lol

Here are some of my customers and their tshirts, thank you guys for the pictures!

Adrian Keogh O'Hara's Spiced Rum Logo Airbrushed Tshirt

On the left is Adrian Keogh, he’s managing director for a new drink: O’Hara’s Spiced Rum. Him and his partner, I believe Andy O’Hara, came down to Greenwich and asked me to put the label of their Spiced Rum on a shirt. Hope all goes well with their business and looking forward to having a taste!

Joe B and his Airbrushed Custom Tshirt

Joe B had created a very nice design and he asked me to put something similar on his t shirt with his name on it. I think the result is really nice, hope Joe liked his custom shirt as well!

Ketana and her Airbrushed Hello Kitty Tshirt

Ketana couldn’t wait to put on her Hello Kitty tshirt! I made a Thomas Tank Engine tshirt for her brother as well, he was sleeping in his push chair. Doesn’t she look sweet?  😉

AJP and his Gangsta Rapper Airbrushed Tshirt

Here’s AJ, he wanted a gangsta rapper on his t-shirt with his initials. Real nice 😀

Showing off his AIrbrushed Gold and Silver Monster Tshirt

Sorry, I forgot to write down your name. I hope you are enjoying a sip of Monster in your Gold and Silver Monster shirt. I’m toasting with Orange juice if that’s okay… gotta watch my diabetes 😉

Steve showing his Airbrushed The Krays Tshirt

Steve, who has got a couple of my shirts already, had found an origanal Free The Krays tshirt. He bought it, but he needed a bigger size, so he got me to do one for him. I think I did the Brothers some Justice LOL.

Liam B and his Customised Airbrushed Superman Tshirt

This is Liam, he wanted a Superman Tshirt, but he wanted his name on it as well. So I decided to rip up his Liam B Tshirt haha! He looks happy, so I don’t think I did too much damage.

Cam Showing off his Airbrushed Custom Tshirt

Cam wanted just his name on a Tshirt. But I made a mistake, I put it on the wall instead. Nice one, Kader! LOL

Ready to Rave Again, Posing with his Airbrushed 80s House Rave Tshirt

This guy was going out raving and needed something appropriate to wear. He got me to make him an original 80s rave tshirt. As you see: Kader is Saving Raves at a Market Near YOU!

Georgia and her Airbrushed Custom Sneaker Tshirt

Georgia got her best friend Andria a yellow hi-tops t-shirt as a present, but she decided to have a blue and purple one herself as well. I think that’s a perfectly understandable thing 😉 Hope you girls are having fun!

Showing off their airbrushed Tshits

And lastly, here’s Tom (my memory sometimes slips, but I remember you said it was Tom) with his 3 daughters. The gang was on holiday together with their Mum, all the way from Israel. It was nice to meet you guys. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.

Okay that was it for now. Got some Olympic Challenges ahead now, see you soon!

Hope you enjoyed
Michiel aka Kader