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Just a quicky!

4 Oct

I started on a mural in Enfield Tuesdays and I’ve got a couple of commissioned portraits so I wasn’t on the market Sunday. I did take a couple of snaps Saturday as I was working. I’ve also got a couple of pics I haven’t posted yet, so I’m putting them all together.

Alice & Friend Custom Airbrushed Superman Logo T shirtsLucia with Ziggy's Custom Airbrushed Bart Simpson T shirt

On the left are Alice and her friend (who’s name I forgot to write down… sooooorry). I airbrushed them a new Superman design I’ve started doing. Alice wanted her name on the shirt and her friend really likes swimming, so she’s a Superswimmer ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the right is Lucia, who asked me to airbrush a Bart Simpson on the T shirt she wanted for her friend Ziggy. I picked a grumpy Bart and she liked it because she said Ziggy likes to look grumpy too LOL!

Custom Airbrushed Darth Vader Star Wars Suck My Nuts T ShirtCustom Airbrushed Converse All Stars Sneakers T shirt

On the left I was asked to put Darth Vader on a T shirt. It caused quite a couple of reactions after I airbrushed the text beneath his mask. I do have to mention that as far as I know Vader is not a robot, but I guess he does have the force so…

Ciara didn’t just want any hi-tops on her shirt, she wanted me to airbrush her black Chuck Taylor All Stars.

Custom AIrbrushed Batman Lego T shirtAirbrushed Custom Pom on Tour Name Taxi Cab Tshirt

The one on the left was for a young Batman and Lego fan. What better way to celebrate the two?

Britons are known as Poms in Oz (Australia). Joe D’s father, who got a shirt for him before, asked me to airbrush a T shirt for him to wear during his 6 month trip down under. I thought: “what’s more British than a black cab?”

Custom Airbrushed Graffiti Lettering Life Lessons T shirtCustom Airbrushed Cartoon Skateboard T shirt

Here’s a couple of good life lessons for.. well.. anyone I guess! Maurice asked me to airbrush these for his little sister. Apparently he’s been drilling these for some time, but he just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t forget ๐Ÿ™‚

Max is mad about skateboarding – his mom asked me to put a skateboard on his T.

Custom Airbrushed Bleeding Heart Ladies T shirtCustom Airbrushed T shirt The Pirate Princess with Pirate Skull

The heart on the left is a copy I made of a drawing that was made by a friend of my client (see? did it again, no names.. bugger! ๐Ÿ˜‰ She asked me to put it on a shirt for her.

On the right is the shirt I did for Naoishe (it’s an Irish name, pronounced Na-ee-shay). Her dad is a naval officer who was in town and he asked me airbrush this for his daughter, who is mad about pirates!

That’s a quick update from me. Going back to Enfield tomorrow to work on the mural. I’ve taken some pics etc, and I’ll be taken a lot more!

Hope you enjoyed

Michiel aka Kader.


How I airbrushed Benji as Che Guevara

28 Sep Benji as Guerrillero Heroico Che Guevara Custom Airbrushed T shirt

This is Benji, he’s one of the guys who work at Greenwich Market and a good friend of mine. He loves the Che Guevara shirts I airbrush and he asked me if I could turn him into Che. Here’s how I did it.

Portait picture of Benji, used as original for Custom Airbrushed Che

I started off with taking a picture of him in a fairly similar pose. The light in the Guerrillero Heroico picture of Che is quite iconic, but difficult to replicate so I’ll have to adapt as I airbrush.

Step One Benji as Che Guevara Custom Airbrushed T shirt - Outlines and Features

I used my fabric stencil to airbrush my outlines onto the T shirt. You can see I have both pictures in sight as I’m airbrushing.

Step Two Benji as Che Custom Airbrushed T shirt - Defining Lips Eyes and Nose

Because I don’t want lose my stencil image, I start off with defining the features before I work on the rest of the face. Because of this I airbrush the same features more than once as overspray from doing the skin tone next will lighten my shadows, but this also gives a layered effect.

Step Three Benji as Che Custom Airbrushed T shirt: Cheeks Chin and Forehead

I’m done airbrushing most of the skin tone and indeed some of the shadows I added to the mouth, nose and eyes need darkening again. This is not a problem, I was only keeping the features in the right shape. In this case I have taken much of the shadow out of the original photograph I took, because I now want to add the lighting from the Guerrillero picture.

Step Four Benji as Che Custom Airbrushed T shirt: Facial Hair and Shadows

I’m now looking at the Che picture while I’m adding shadow to Benji’s face. I imagine how the same light would catch his features and slowly airbrush the shadows in the right direction.

After this I start adding Che’s hair and hat to Benji’s face and finalising the shadows on face.

Benji as Guerrillero Heroico Che Guevara Custom Airbrushed T shirt

This is the final result. You can see I’ve put the hat neatly on his head and airbrushed Che’s iconic long hair and jacket. Chengi (as we now call him) was very happy with it, and I had a lot of fun airbrushing this one.

Let me know if you want to be a Che too, or maybe I can turn someone into Terminator? LOL

Hope you enjoyed

Michiel aka Kader.

A couple of smiles on a rainy weekend

27 Sep

It was a very quiet weekend on Greenwich Market. Sunday was the quietest I’ve seen it for a while, so a lot of traders took time to go around the market and have a look at each other’s stalls. We had a bit of fun, but of course I did a bit of work as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

Patch's Custom Airbrushed Name Sneakers T shirt

This is Patch, he was really excited about his airbrushed sneakers T shirt. He wanted to put it on right away and he liked the idea of being on my blog but he didn’t really want to stand still for his picture. He stayed just long enough for me to get this big smile off of him ๐Ÿ˜€

Owen's Custom Airbrushed Crossed Guns T shirt

Owen asked me if I could put a pair of cross guns on his T shirt. He wanted me to airbrush his name in blue, so I did it like I do my full colour graffiti names. I think the guns came out pretty cool.

Robert weaing his Custom Airbrushed Skull & Bones T shirt

This is Robert. He really liked my art and saw the pirate skull I had hanging on my stall. He asked if I could airbrush one without the pirate stuff so I gaveย  him a regular cross bones. He also had some nice images that he wanted me to airbrush for him and his girlfriend, I’ll make sure I take some pics as I’m doing them.

The weather turned really bad on Sunday, so I’ve been in bed with flu and fever since Monday, but I thought I’d better post my pictures and get some work done. Doing a big mural in Enfield next week. I’m hoping to take lots of pics then.

I’ve also taken some pics while I was turning Benji, one of the markets porters into Che Guevara. I’ll post them soon too.

Hope you enjoyed

Michiel aka Kader.

Airbrushed Portraits & Animals

24 Sep

Here are a couple of images I airbrushed recently:

Airbrushed Portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger T shirtAirbrushed version Pencil Portrait Drawing on a white Tshirt

On the left is Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3. The other picture is a copy of pencil drawing a client gave to me.

Custom Airbrushed Pegasus Unicorn on a Longsleeve Ladies TshirtAirbrushed Wolf's Head on a Ladies Hoodie

Pegasus Unicorn Silver Medallion

This is a half Unicorn half Pegasus that I airbrushed from a medallion of one of my clients. She asked me to do two versions each with a quote.

The one on the left was on a ladies longsleeve t shirt, and I airbrushed the other on the back of the hoodie on the right, with the wolf’s head you see on the front.

This is the picture I took of the medallion. It was quite a nice job, I hadn’t really done anything like this before.

She was quite happy with the results and I think I did a good job on the mythical creature as well.

Airbrushed Portrait of Roxette Marie Fredriksson on a black TshirtAirbrushed portrait of Roxette star Per Gessle on a black ladies Tshirt

On the left is Marie Fredriksson and on the right is Per Gessle, the duo better known as Roxette, the popular 80s rock band. I’ll do a making of Marie next time, when I post a couple of the pics I took when I airbrushed her.

Airbrushed Portrait of Miles Davis on a dark blue T shirtAirbrushed Portrait of Bob Marley on a black T shirt

Saving the best for last: these are two of my favorite musicians. legendary jazz musician Miles Davis on the left and the great reggae legend Bob Marley on the right. I didn’t think these artists needed any explaining, so the links are 2 great live performances, courtesy of YouTube ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you liked my portraits.

Michiel aka Kader.

Why so serious on a Harley – airbrushed on a black T shirt.

21 Sep

Pierre, an Australian client of mine had seen my version of the Joker when he was in Greenwich with his son JP. They both liked it and had asked if I could airbrush Heath Ledger’s Joker sitting on a Harley Davidson. This is the T shirt I airbrushed for him.

Airbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt Final Result

First I start of with tracing the drawing I did on my fabric stencil. After that I start adding a layer of white, starting with the face.

Airbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt First Step: OutlinesAirbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt Second Step: White Skin Features

After the face I start outlinging the rest of the image. Again I start shaping the light parts and work my way back with shadows afterwards.

Airbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt Third Step:Adding Bike FeaturesAirbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt Fourth Step: Shaping Bike Features

On the left I have finished the first layer of white. Here is where I really start focussing on the shadows.

Airbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt Fifth Step: Adding the Hair & JacketAirbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt Sixth Step: Facial Shadows & Jacket oulines

This the last pic I took before I finished airbrushing the T shirt. On the right you’ll see the Harley that I used as my motorbike of choice.

Airbrushed Joker on Harley Tshirt Seventh Step: Shadows on the Jacket, Bike and HairHarley Davidson Chopper

I’ll post some superheroes next, and some other portraits I’ve done. I’ve also taken some pics while I was airbrushing Roxette’s Marie Fredriksson on a black ladies T shirt.

Hope you enjoyed.

Michiel aka Kader.

Smiles all around

15 Aug

Hi all, here are some new snaps of the guys and girls I airbrushed a custom t shirt for. Thanks everyone for posing, lots of big smiles here! ;D

Eva and Luka and their Freehand Custom Airbrushed Butterfly and Speedster T shirtsย  Niklas showing his Custom Airbrushed Cartoon Skateboard T Shirt

Onย  the left are Eva and her big brother Luka. Luka knew what he wanted: a red sports car and his name airbrushed. Eva came back after she had been to The Pink Pamper Parlour, a kids favourite here on Greenwich Market. She decided she wanted a butterfly to match her beautiful face painting!

Niklas was from Germany. He’s into skateboarding. I airbrushed a skateboard on his shirt for him. LOL, I just noticed that the board looks a bit banana-ish on this picture but that’s just the angle of the shirt, don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚

I am big skateboarding fan and used to be quite a fanatic. One of my favorite skaters of all time is Daewon Song. Below is video of him recreating his legendary ‘Love Child’ part in the World Industries video which was a long time favourite of mine

Go Daewon!

Thomas posing with his Custom Annoying Orange Airbrushed T shirt ย Annoying Orange Original Artwork

Thomas is wearing the Annoying Orange t-shirt I airbrushed for him. I hadn’t heard of the show before, so I was totally unawares. I had to take the pic from his cell phone because without the app I couldn’t get the pic. If you don’t know the show and you want to see what it’s about check the link here.

Zak and his Custom AIrbrushed Union Jack Team GB T shirtย  Justine's Custom Airbrushed Union Jack Ladies T shirt

The Olympics were still in full swing and of course I ended up airbrushing a lot of flags. This is Zak on the left and Justine on the right with theirs. They must have done well chearing the athletes on, and Team GB ended up doing some remarkable things. Job well done guys!

Sophie's Custom Airbrushed Skull and Bones Ladies Singletย  Romeo showing off his Custom Airbrushed Skull Tattoo T shirt

This is Sophie and Romeo. They are a hilarious couple. They came by twice last week, first for Romeo and later I airbrushed a second skull on Sophie’s ladies singlet and made her dad a Madness t-shirt. Typically me, I forgot to take a pic of that one.

We had a good bit of fun on the stall. One customer even approached Romeo to ask how much it was for a custom shirt. I think I should offer him a job, LOL! Thanks guys for the drink you bought me, very much appreciated and hope you come back soon ;D

Nikki Hopkin and her Custom I Love Airbrushed T shirtย  Dewi and her Custom Airbrushed I love London 2012 Olympic Games T shirt

You don’t always have to get a shirt for yourself. Sometimes it can be a friend or a brother or sister. Nikki on the left came with her mom. They asked me to airbrush a t-shirt for her friend for a bit of fun.

Dewi on the right is from Holland, same as me! She came to the market with her mom as well. They came to London for the Olympics. She loves horses and she had been to the Equestrian Event. She had a great time and Holland did very well with a Silver Medal. They wanted to get a souvenir for Dewi’s sister who had stayed at home. I airbrushed an I Love London Olympic T shirt for them.

A.P.K. Custom Airbrushed Graffiti T shirt

Oh NOO!!! I did it again. I took a picture of a customer with their shirt, and I didn’t write the name down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

That’s it guys, from now on, if I post your picture and I don’t have your name, email me and you will get a discount on your second t-shirt.

Connor showing off his Custom Airbrushed Cartoon Pirate Xbox T shirtย  Ebony and her Custom Airbrushed Graffiti Ladies T shirt

On the left is Connor. He’s into Pirates and playing Xbox. Or maybe it’s playing pirates on his Xbox, I’m not sure, but he made me airbrush a Pirate with a controller on his shirt.

And finally, the girl with the lovely smile is Ebony, she liked my graffiti style and she wanted me to airbrush her name in full colour. Looking great Ebony! ;D

That’s it guys, hope you enjoyed!

Michiel aka. Kader

Cartoon Graffiti

6 Aug

I don’t always have pictures of the people that I airbrush shirts for. Sometimes I even forget to take pictures at all when it’s busy, which I really don’t like. Here are some pics I’ve taken of things I’ve done.

Sons Of Thunder Graffiti Lettering with Shooting Stars Airbrushed Tshirtย  Snare Drum and Sticks Cartoon Custom Airbrushed Tshirt

On the left is a Tshirt with 3 shooting starts and written over it ‘Sons Of Thunder’, I believe the name of a local rock/metal band. On the right is a shirt that I airbrushed for Harley. She’s into drumming and percussion. I suggested I could put a snare drum on the shirt with her name.

Not Quite Satan Graffiti Lettering Custom Airbrushed Tshirtย  Maths Is The Best Classic Lettering Custom Airbrushed Tshirt

I did this t shirt on the left for Izzie. It’s graffiti version fo a shirt that’s inspired by some song lyrics I believe. The other shirt I did was for a maths teacher. His colleagues had been teasing him but his students turned out to have best scores so he wanted to gloat a bit LOLย  good on you, teach, I happen to really enjoy maths myself! One of my best subjects I’m happy to say

Boxer Menay Edwards Emperor Crown Custom Airbrushed Tshirtย  Caitlin Full Colour Graffiti Custom Airbrushed Tshirt

On the left is a custom tshirt I airbrushed for Menay Edwards, a cruiserweight boxer with 8KOs after his name. He wanted to look good walking into the ring ๐Ÿ™‚ On the right is a shirt I did for Caitlin. I did an old-skool graffiti airbrush on her shirt. I’m glad I’m doing my old style grafs again, I really enjoy doing those!

King Alfreds Spring Camp Tent Airbrushed Custom Tshirt Frontย  Back of King Alfreds Spring Camp Tent Airbrushed Custom Tshirt

This is the front and back of a shirt I did for one of the traders at Greenwich. His son Luke was going to King Alfreds Spring Camp and he wanted me to airbrush a tent and a sun down on the shirt. I wonder if Luke really went to bed at sun down lol…

Mark Spud Potato Cartoon Custom Airbrushed Tshirtย  Chinese Bald Man Cartoon Custom Airbrushed Tshirt

Mark’s nickname is Spud. His friends were in Greenwich and asked me to make him a shirt. David’s daughter wanted me to make him a shirt as well. Had to be bald and have glasses, nice one LOL

Big Ben I Love London Custom Airbrushed Tshirtย  Big Ben by Night Cartoon Custom Airbrushed Tshirt

I’ve got a confession to make: I don’t really know what the Big Ben looks like. I kind of just pretend that I do when I get asked to paint it. Maybe it’s time for me to study the iconic clock tower…

Chelsea FC Bus to Stamford Cartoon Custom Airbrushed Tshirtย  Aaron's Sports Car Cartoon Airbrushed Tshirt

Blue and Red are always good combinations. Luca is from Australia and went to see Chelsea play. He wanted a bus going to Stamford Bridge and a British flag as well. Aaron likes sports cars and he wanted Joker on the license plate.

60th Birthday Blackhead Sheep Custom Airbrushed Tshirtย  Germany's 47 Crime Graffiti Custom Airbrushed Tshirt

Johnny is a blackhead sheep farmer and he’s celebrating his 60th birthday. On the right is a remake I did of a logo of a German Graffiti Crew.

That’s it – got to get back to work again ;D

Michiel aka Kader.

Smile for the camera!

6 Aug

Oooffff… been a long hectic week at the Olympics. Got a short break now to make some new shirts for my stall, and then hopefully I’ll be back on Wednesday… I thought I’d better post some of the pics I’ve promised to put up now. Have fun!

Amelia and her Rollerskates Airbrushed Tshirt

This is Amelia. She wasn’t sure what she wanted me to airbrush on her Tshirt. I asked her what her hobbies were and she liked rollerskating. I told her I could airbrush rollerskates on her shirt like the sneakers I do. She wanted it in red and blue.

Frankie showing his Tintin Cartoon Airbrushed Tshirt

I think Frankie easily qualifies for the ‘cheekiest smile of the year’ award ๐Ÿ˜€

He saw a picture I had in my folder of Tintin and knew immediately that was what he wanted. I put his name on Tintin’s shirt for him.

Toby weaing his Team Jamaica Olympic Airbrushed Tshirt

Toby’s Mom is Jamaican. He was going to support Jamaica at the Olympics. I bet you he had a little celebration tonight! “London… 2012… August 5th, 9.52pm… The Olympic Track and Field stadium… Lightning is about to strike…. ”

Solange showing her Hello Kitty Airbrushed Tshirt

This is Solange, she had looked at my blog and saw the ‘Hello Ketana’ shirt I airbrushed recently. She came to my stall with her family and I made this shirt for her, a graffiti shirt for her brother Tom and a skull for Max, her other brother.

Erin wearing her Hello Kitty Tshirt

This is Erin. She saw me airbrushing Solange’s Tshirt and she wanted one too. Kitty is popular with the girls, it seems. Lol, I’m getting old now, is He-Man still around? ;D

Naithan and his Custom Baseball Cap Airbrushed Tshirt

Naithan wanted me to airbrush his initial on his baseball cap Tshirt. He wanted red and black, very classy!

Kane with his Custom Diabolo Cartoon Airbrushed Tshirt

Kane wanted to buy his shirt with his own money. I told him it was okay, so long as his mom was alright with it. He had gone to Oddballs in Camden where he bought a Diabolo. He wanted me to put the Diabolo on his shirt. Good luck with your diabolo, hope you have lots of fun with it!

Bella wearing her Custom Birthday Graffiti Airbrushed Tshirt

Bella was celebrating her 6th birthday when she came to Greenwich market. She saw me airbrushing a Tshirt and asked me to make her one. She wasn’t sure what she wanted on it, so I told her I airbrush her name in a colourful graffiti style. She was having a really nice birthday as the Royal Princess of Greenwich ๐Ÿ˜‰

Olivia and her Blink 182 Band Logo Airbrushed Tshirt

Olivia is a big fan of Blink 182. She was wearing a bracelet with the band logo on it, so she asked me to airbrush that on a shirt for her. Here she is looking lovely with her Fan-art shirt!

That’s it for now. Got some more pics to post, but I can hardly keep my eyes open… Before I forget: GOOOOOOO USAIN ๐Ÿ˜€